Anatomy Enrichment Workshops

What a outstanding method of anatomy instruction!

I felt relaxed and completely focused on the shapes and positions of the anatomy we covered ….it was such a gift to actually just let myself touch, see, hear and listen to the information in a relaxed and focused state while building these models.

Monica is so clearly dedicated to helping students see the wonder in the human body and welcoming us to fall in love with the brilliance of nature’s design.

These courses are so recommended for everyone….it is a five star experience!

For teachers and folks who want to explore and understand anatomy

We will be forming muscles and fascia out of clay and applying them to to-scale model skeletons.  Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.

5 hours each.  Saturdays 9am – 12pm and 1 – 3pm.
$125 per workshop or all 4 for $450

MODULE 1:  The Trunk
This is the traditional “center” or “core” study
>> breath • core • pelvis • complete abdominals • shoulder girdle

MODULE 2:  The Deep Fascial Frontal Line
If this is toned, you are less likely to get injured
>> breath • neck • posterior core • part of upper legs (adductors)

MODULE 3:  The Superficial Fascial Back Line
This is the line that gets tight if you work at a desk or as a caregiver
>> spine • thoracic • part of upper legs (hamstrings)

MODULE 4:  The Extremities
This is the mobility and dharma part.  Dharma is your gift you bring to the community.  The extremities are what you use to bring your gift.
>> shoulders to hands • hips to toes

For recreational participants, feel free to mix & match based on your interest.

For teachers:

Enrichment for Mat Teacher Training Level 1—Module 1: The Trunk

Enrichment for Mat Teacher Training Level 2—Modules 2 & 3: Fascial Front & Back Line

Required for Equipment Teacher Training & Yoga Teacher Training—All modules

UPCOMING SCHEDULE—Payment due 2 weeks before workshop

MODULE 1: February 25, 2017


MODULE 3: August 26, 2017

MODULE 4: October 7, 2017