90 Day Challenge


Krishnamacharya, the father of yoga, said “practice for 90 days and something will happen.”  I did.  It changed my life.  I challenge you to either practice yoga and/or take 10 mindful breaths every day.  Do this for 90 days in a row.  Each day you do, place a kernel of popcorn in a bowl.  (We have bags of pre-counted popcorn available for you at Tone.)  If you miss a day, then start over.

I encourage you to try the popcorn challenge.  Start now.  Breath by breath you can make a change.

Please add your thoughts and comments to this blog as you go along the journey as support to yourself and others.  Change happens with change itself.



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  1. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    Ten conscious breaths a day?
    How hard could it be?
    Harder than I thought.

    I began Monica’s challenge with marbles, not popcorn, just to see if I could do it. (I know, Monica, Vatta—right?)
    For two or three days, I would follow through, but inevitably I’d have to start over. Once I got as far as 37 marbles when I had to begin again. In a moment of weakness, I considered cheating. Who would know?
    Reluctantly I dumped the 37 marbles back.
    Square one, it turns out, is not such a bad place.

    I found it worked best for me to do my breathing first thing in the morning—before coffee, before my brain had a chance to go off on a tangent.
    I often stood outside, looking up at the sky, taking in the first moments of daylight.
    Eventually the practice became easier, more natural, becoming a simple moment of stillness and gratitude, a prayer, a daily routine.


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