A Moment for Me



We are inviting folks to tie a red string* around their wrist as a reminder of health and staying grounded through the holidays. A Tone staff member will tie the string around your wrist. Every few days we will offer a #momentforme suggestion via flyers in the studio, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope that seeing the red string on your wrist will serve as a reminder to take care of yourself this holiday season and that you have a community to support you.

* Ancient lore suggests that wearing a red string upon your left wrist brings blessings of protection, luck and prosperity. Sign us up!


1. Ask a Tone staff member to tie a red string around your wrist.

2. Check for #momentforme suggestions in the studio and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3. Share what you love. Reap the healthy benefits of mindfulness and community!

“ The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” Richard Bach

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