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January Reflections

The first month of the new decade is already almost over. So many experiences, as I look over my shoulder. Past experiences are dissipating and reforming into my memories. Practicing forgiveness is painting my memories with gratitude. I look back and I am grateful. If it had not been for what was recently experienced, I […]

A New Decade, A New Year Process…

I guess this is the best time to write a message to you all.  I’m mentally and spiritually and physically exhausted and raw with emotions of gratitude, elation, loss, birth, but not fear and not anger.  A mixture that I don’t even want to understand—I just want to sit in this feeling soup. And just […]

Ayurveda Tips with Enrica!

Summer Season (Pitta Season) Your garden is bursting with local fruits and veggies. Refreshing foods that lighten the body and keep the system cool, such as cilantro, cucumber, melon, and zucchini will alleviate discomfort from the hot, sharp oily qualities of heat and humidity. Summer recipes capture the bitter taste of fresh greens to cool […]

This Weeks Ayurveda Tips with Enrica

Benefits of Sleep Simply put, proper rest is essential for well being. In Ayurveda, it is one of the pillars of the three pillars of optimum health and well being. The body uses sleep as an opportunity to heal and repair damage done to the body while we are awake. When considering sleep, the quantity, […]

Quick Tips For July (Pitta Season)

Ayurveda Tips from Enrica Eat more of: Asparagus, Cilantro, Broccoli, Leafy Greens, Summer Squashes To stay satisfied: Eat fatty foods like avocado, seeds (pumpkin and sunflower), nuts like coconut, eggs, and raw cheese (in moderation), fatty fish (salmon, sardines). To stay hydrated: Cool, room temperature water with cucumber slices, eat more ripe fruit, make coriander […]

This weeks tips from Enrica’s Monday 8:10am Yoga w/ Ayurveda Tips class!

Food is Medicine – Herbs that cool for Pitta Season Tumeric – Healing is in this brightly colored spice. It helps reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, calm digestive problems, and heal the largest organ in the body, skin. Benefits also include, helping shield the body from allergens: pollen, poison ivy, oak, sunscreen chemicals and […]

Our offer to help in moving forward

As the fires broke out in early October, I was sitting in Salem Oregon enjoying a late night visit to the library with my oldest daughter at her college. She and my younger daughter at home in Santa Rosa are so connected to social media that we became aware of the concern and devastation as […]

Sonoma County Proud

Tone Community, As I write this, I am rested, showered and grateful to be at Tone.  This past week has been a blur for us all.  All Tone’s staff is accounted for and safe. Everyone is doing their best and beyond.  Every act of kindness and patience is important – no matter how overt or […]