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Reflections from Monica

Amazing beings of Tone, It is another momentous time to reflect about the past year of challenges and wondrous moments of space and levity. During the longer nights and shorter days, we have opportunities to check “in” and reflect, digest, and process. I am often asked if I’m an optimist or a pessimist.  In trying […]

Ponderings on Anatomy

The human being—amazing and beyond my ability to reason and my simple logic.  Awe and wonder.  I’m here prepping for this incredible 16 hours of working with the concept of the human body in motion with fresh inquiring “teacher minds”—future teachers of movement, Pilates, Yoga, Physical Training, Dancers…and curious folks inhabiting one of these amazing […]

“Sitting is the new smoking”

Star date June 30…”30 days has September, April, June…” last day in June of 2015! Watch out! I’m listening to podcasts and reading some contemporary books about movement!   One of the latest podcasts that I listened to was by Dave Asprey,  an American entrepreneur, businessman, and author. He is the founder of “The Bulletproof Executive” […]

Blog ness

Star date June 23rd 2015 I’m standing at my desk typing this entry.  Yes, the more body geek research and podcasts and books and journals I am exposed to of late are saying “sitting is the new smoking”.  More on that later when I type a few more articles standing up.   Today I’m talking about […]

I’m enjoying this!

Star date June 3rd 2015 Feeling great!  After being a bit buggy and now having my digestive system working again is such a gift!  (Or “present”) Phew!  Can you hear all of the exhales of relief?  It has been an interesting week not because of physical causes but by the mental and emotional ones that […]

My Health Journey – Part 1

Last Wednesday, I started on a journey by “negotiating” with my Nurse practitioner.  Who “negotiates” with their health care provider?—I do.   If you know me in the least, I “pride” (and this word gets me in trouble) myself in trying to move and consume for health.  I am lucky that I don’t smoke or drink because […]

Osteoporosis and Movement

Just back from a brief presentation on Osteoporosis and Movement at the Rancho Cotati Rotary lunch group.  What an amazing eye-opening wonderment to briefly get a glimpse of a business cultural phenomena—a group of business owners whose weekly meetings are based on relationship, community enhancement, and rituals.  All the individuals in that room were positive, different […]

My Yoga Journey – to be continued

I knew I loved yoga (asana–the moving part–warriors, hand balances (not so much), back bends, deep twists and deep flexion poses…extreme, yeah!).  Moving with “spiritual music”,  rock-stars for teachers, “we are all one” philosophy, how could you not get hooked when you are a God-defying dancer who is “looking for more”.  There is a magazine […]

Calorie Burn, Cardio, Strength Training and Fun!

Increase your Calorie Burn Increase your Cardio Capacity Increase your Strength Training Increase your Fun Factor–comraderie and music The concept for our Pilates Equipment Circuit was born out of the brilliance and passion of your Pilates Equipment teachers and dedicated Pilates Equipment devotees.  Ideas like these start with “What if…”  and bright eyes, spurts of […]