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Star date June 23rd 2015

I’m standing at my desk typing this entry.  Yes, the more body geek research and podcasts and books and journals I am exposed to of late are saying “sitting is the new smoking”.  More on that later when I type a few more articles standing up. 

 Today I’m talking about “health”.   “Health” has many faces.  “Health” has been defined as “the state of being free from illness or injury”.  Wow, that definition really is a  Debbie Downer (sorry folks if your name is Debbie).  In order to be “healthy” I need to be free from illness or injury?  I have old injuries.  Do they count as not being  “healthy”?  What if the old injuries don’t bother me anymore.  Am I still not “healthy”?  How do I know if I have an illness.  Some folks have illnesses and don’t have symptoms.  Are these folks “healthy”?  What if you have an illness and don’t care and are enjoying life.  Are they “healthy”?  

Another definition of  health is the “ability to adapt.”  The word “adapt” has the feeling as if I don’t fit so I need to change or “adapt”.   And another question is “adapt” to what?  What if I’m happy being different?  

 I experienced a beautiful affirmation of “health” a couple weeks ago on my family vacation in Maui.  The “health” that I experienced was warm balmy humid air, only a few biting bugs, sound of the ocean outside my window, all of my children and grand boyz and my hubby in shorts lounging around talking, laughing, and making important decisions of what we should have for dinner and should we snorkel before or after our pina colada.   This definition  of “health” did not take away my inability to run on the beach anymore,  but accepting that painless walking is wonderful and I don’t have to run. This definition of “health” was that warm feeling that my entire family is within 1/4 mile and my umbilicus was not screaming that my kids are not within 1 plane ticket away.   This “health” seems more like the word “happiness”.  I know that this wonderful feeling cannot last forever and I really don’t want to live in Maui all the time.  AND I can enjoy this almost effortless state for just a moment in the year.  It is the situation.  I’m unconsciously and consciously saying  “thank you” and “I’m so grateful” followed by a deep inhale and deep sigh every few minutes of the entire week!   Every one of us has our own definition of “health” or a “happiness” moment.  I am so glad to be back in Sonoma county, coming to Tone every morning and being and smiling to everyone in this beautiful community.  I wish everyone a “happiness” moment every so often. If we are talking about “health”,  I know deep down that I added a few more breaths to my life span and a many more memories to savor.  Is not “health” and “happiness” translated into “mahalo” and “aloha”?

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  1. Clare
    Clare says:

    So glad that you got to breathe on island time(:..trying to make my healthiest decisions to have the happiest being too.. This is a good reminder.. Aloha!!


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