June Class Changes

MONDAYS: · Meet Joe Gray!  Looking for a high intensity interval training workout?  Joe will be teaching HIITone on Mondays at 5:10am.  Excited to have him at Tone! · We are cancelling the 10:05am equipment group on Mondays.  Please join us at 9:05am or 11:05am. FRIDAYS: · We are cancelling the 10:05am equipment group on […]

What is HIIT?

(cue Tower of Power music) Wait!  Not, what is hip?  What is HIIT?  High Intensity Interval Training.  As our team took a look at this form of exercise, we decided it is an awesome way to get your cardio workout in.  So we are taking HIIT and wrapping it in Pilates to equal (drum roll please) HIITone.  We […]

March Class Changes

March Class Changes MONDAYS – We have added a 8:10am Sculpt and Tone class with Clare.  Yay! TUESDAYS – We have added a 12:10pm Pilates Mat – All Levels with Jenn.  Yay! THURSDAYS – Monica is now teaching the 4:10pm Breath Centered Yoga class and Megan is teaching the 5:10pm Pilates Mat – All Levels. FRIDAYS […]

February Class Changes

Ahhhh February.  The month of the love holiday.  Well, we hope you love the additions that we have made to our class schedule this month. YOGA – We have added a 4:10 Tuesday with Enrica and 4:10 Thursday with Katherine – Breath Centered Yoga classes.  This is a Raksana practice as described by the Krishnamacharya […]

A Moment for Me

STAY HEALTHY DURING THE HECTIC HOLIDAY SEASON! We are inviting folks to tie a red string* around their wrist as a reminder of health and staying grounded through the holidays. A Tone staff member will tie the string around your wrist. Every few days we will offer a #momentforme suggestion via flyers in the studio, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hope that […]

November Class Changes

TUESDAYS NEW All Level Pilates Mat Class with Amy at 4:10pm Adult Contemporary Dance has moved up to 6:10pm WEDNESDAY 9:10am All Level Pilates Mat is now with Amanda 12:10pm Sculpt and Tone is now with Jenn 5:10pm Advanced Pilates Mat is now with Clare THURSDAY 9:10am Cardio Toning is now with Whitney Pre and […]

Power Hour – Fridays at 12:10pm

Take your pick! Either way you go – they’ll be serving it up strong!  See you on Fridays.

Ponderings on Anatomy

The human being—amazing and beyond my ability to reason and my simple logic.  Awe and wonder.  I’m here prepping for this incredible 16 hours of working with the concept of the human body in motion with fresh inquiring “teacher minds”—future teachers of movement, Pilates, Yoga, Physical Training, Dancers…and curious folks inhabiting one of these amazing […]

Gooey Zumba

Since I have been reading blogs and watching podcasts and youtubes of late, I have come to the conclusion that my writing style is more about my sensory experiences.  I am an artist and a scientist so my notes and mind organization have components of both.  I love bullet points.  I love simplicity in graphics.  […]

“Sitting is the new smoking”

Star date June 30…”30 days has September, April, June…” last day in June of 2015! Watch out! I’m listening to podcasts and reading some contemporary books about movement!   One of the latest podcasts that I listened to was by Dave Asprey,  an American entrepreneur, businessman, and author. He is the founder of “The Bulletproof Executive” […]