November Schedule Changes

Adding Equipment Groups for November and that’s it! Mondays – Sonya Monk’s 11:05am is now a Level 2 & 3 Equipment Group Wednesdays – We’ve added a 5:05pm Equipment Group with Brittany S. Fridays – We added a 1:05pm Equipment Group with Clare Enjoy!  

Have you noticed . . .

Last weekend we hosted my yoga teacher, Robert, and his lovely wife Eleni and their sweet dog, Ruby.  In the preparation for company, I went into my Vata/Pita tendencies of fluff and fufe. The studio had flowers, food, and folks.  Thank you all!  Robert, besides his wisdom, bestowed a framed photo of the founder of […]

October Schedule Changes

Just a few changes for October, as we step into this glorious Fall season. Mondays – Chela will be teaching the 6:10pm Zumba class.  Maitane may drop in to lead a song or two.  :) Tuesdays – We cancelled Kathy’s 1:05pm Springboard Series.  Please join her on Thursdays at 1:05pm. Thursdays – We cancelled the […]

Tone’s 14th Birthday!

We are celebrating all week! September 28 thru October 4th Thank you for being a part of Tone!  Get a raffle ticket for each class you attend.  We’ll be giving away 3 Tone tees and/or tanks each day.  Then on Friday, just before Feel the Vibe Yoga, we’ll do a special drawing – we’ll pull […]

My Yoga Teacher is coming to town!

I am so excited! The weekend of September 14/15, my yoga teacher from Southern Cal agreed to come up to teach 2 workshops. Robert has been a student of yoga in the Desikachar/Krishnamacharya lineage over a decade.  He studied with Mr. Desikachar at the KYM in India and is one of a handful of teachers […]

Back to School Student Special

Show your student i.d. Get 1 month of unlimited class for only $75 Only 25 available for purchase!  (Only 9 remaining!) Limit 2 per client.  Must be redeemed by October 31, 2013 Only available at the studio – not online.  So come by today!

What to Expect at Your First Yoga Class at Tone

by Clare Moore – Yoga Team Leader Welcome yogis and yoginis (the names for the male and female yoga practitioners, respectively). Congratulations, because, as of today, you are now practicing yoga. Showing up for your first yoga class is all that is required for you to now say proudly to your friends, “I am doing […]

Heart of Yoga Notes

Okay, it is official, this “Book Club” is actually a deep delving into the concepts of the beautiful book, Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar.  It’s not the completion but the experience and process!  The yogins who came are in for the long hall.  If you were present today–bless you for your clarity and courage […]

Heart of Yoga Book Club

I am so excited to read and discuss the Heart of Yoga with everyone!  This will be the upteenth time that I have gone through this loved simply written manuscript.  It uses simple language to describe and discuss depth defying principles of yoga.  Every time I bring out my kindle version or my lovely 10 […]

The Yoga Perfect

by Clare Moore – Yoga Team Leader “I really want to try yoga, but I am: too stiff, too injured, too old , too busy, too impatient, too uncoordinated, too unbalanced, too self-concious….”  As a yoga teacher I have heard variations on all of these themes. And my answer is generally, “ I can totally […]