Pilates Week Raffle Winners!

Thank you to all who participated in Pilates Week last week.  We raised an amazing $1982 for WHOA farm!  So excited.  Come join us on Wednesday, April 24th at 11am […]

Replacing Soda with Water

This month I’m suggesting that we all give up one canned soda a week. If you drink a soda with lunch every day, just replace one lunch soda with a glass of water, a glass of tea, or even a glass of lemonade (squeezed lemon with stevia).

New Year – New Era

This is a new year. This is a new era. This is another new start in your health journey.

90 Day Challenge

Krishnamacharya, the father of yoga, said “practice for 90 days and something will happen.” I did. It changed my life. I challenge you to either practice yoga and/or take 10 mindful breaths every day. Do this for 90 days in a row. Each day you do, place a kernel of popcorn in a bowl.