Calorie Burn, Cardio, Strength Training and Fun!


  • Increase your Calorie Burn
  • Increase your Cardio Capacity
  • Increase your Strength Training
  • Increase your Fun Factor–comraderie and music

The concept for our Pilates Equipment Circuit was born out of the brilliance and passion of your Pilates Equipment teachers and dedicated Pilates Equipment devotees.  Ideas like these start with “What if…”  and bright eyes, spurts of “crazy ideas”, the flying frenzy and messiness of creativity.  So here it is:  It will be a 10 minute group warm up which will include your focus of the day and an overview of how the exercises work.    40 awesome minutes of moving on different pieces of equipment for 4 minutes at a time and then…HOT 30 seconds of cardio busting fun…then resume after that flash to 4 minutes at each station…repeat…spin.    I’m breathing hard and laughing already!  Music will be a huge part of the motivation.  As we wind down, there will be a 5 minute cooldown, feedback, stretchy part before we send  you out the door invigorated and happy to be alive…AND that is it in a Nutshell!  Try it…have fun…sign up…

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