January Reflections

The first month of the new decade is already almost over. So many experiences, as I look over
my shoulder. Past experiences are dissipating and reforming into my memories. Practicing
forgiveness is painting my memories with gratitude. I look back and I am grateful. If it had not
been for what was recently experienced, I would not be standing and looking around in our new
warm healthy friendly environment in the Rincon Valley.

The gratefuls of the past are paving the way of my lovable future that I am experiencing in the
present moment. Whoa!

I am grateful for the Tone chapter defined by the downtown address known as 545. So many
wonderful beings coming and going. We experienced the wholeness of what it is to be
human—births, deaths, joy, sorrow, disappointments, belly laughing, tears of fears, tears of
joy…So much community shared. So many important moments in those 6 years of Tone’s third

This chapter helped me clarify what I want to build my future upon—the values I am learning
about in my yoga studies and practice.

I am learning being mindful is so important. It creates an efficiency and flow. Creating beautiful
spaces is important for higher functioning. Healthy relationships are so important. When I
practice visualizing what I really want, opportunities come. Practicing with kindness and not just
politeness, reveals another level of opportunities for others to grow as well.

With this new mindfulness, my “teaching” and relationship building becomes deeper. I realize
this is not for everyone. I am relating to those who are willing to explore new in-depth
experiences with me—no judgment. My personal growth means new relationships—not
necessarily new folks but new ways of relating. I am excited for everyone with whom I had
worked with in the past—thank you. Your new experiences with ask you to clarify your values.
I am excited for those who are coming with us. I’m over the moon exuberant for what the future
holds for us as we launch into another chapter. Bless us all in our new adventures to
wholeness and discovering the wide wonderful universe of the creative consciousness.

Out of the murkiest and darkest waters of life are born the most beautiful pristine lotuses.


Breathing and visualizing a joyful and hopeful New Year 2017

I’m reading, listening, and studying (fuel and food for my yoga teachings–Yummy!) , the Book of Joy , a five day discussion fest with the Dali Lama and Rev. Desmond Tutu about “joy”.  As the intro eludes, this is a “3 layer birthday cake”. The first layer records amazing insights from two spiritual beings on the subject of “joy” (a fave Yoga Teacher Training discussion– one of the definitions of yoga is “Sustained Joy for Me”).  The 2nd layer is the infusion of the science of “joy” from esteemed brain and psycho and social researchers.  Oh , if you don’t know me,  I love science. My undergraduate minor was Anthro/Bio.   The 3rd layer of this wonderful cakey treat is the personal human stories of these 2 spiritual and happy beings. Just a warning, their personal stories are wrought with turmoil, pain, and suffering interlaced with forgiveness, integrity, and compassion.   Then look at the photos of them and one can sense “joy” and “love”.

Why a personal book review for a New Year wish?  This is the context for an encouragement to all you lovely beings who touch my life.  I am wishing you “joy” and “hope”  in the 2017 instead of “happiness” and “optimism”.  There is a depth and understanding in these two 3 letter and 4 letter words.  To me, “joy” is knowing that life is messy and at times absolutely horrible at the outset.  We have the choice how to react to life–we have a choice to choose our attitude.  We may not be able to control the events.  “Happiness” seems to be more related to passing and fleeting moments–pleasurable all the same.  And my wish to you is to breathe in the depth of love that joy carries with it.

I have been accused of being an eternal “optimist” but I relate more to the concept of being “hopeful”.  Optimism, in my being,  is associated more with magical thinking or being more “Pollyannaesque”.  “Hope”, in my perception, is a depth of knowing that humanity is wired for good and that there are always more sides to a situation.  Altitude, clarity, and experiences do wonders for perception.  My “hope” is built on faith–something bigger and greater than myself and my limited understanding.

So with above wish, may you find a daily practice that incorporates essence of the “Eight Pillars of Joy”

1)  Perspective
2)  Humility
3)  Humor
4)  Acceptance
5)  Forgiveness
6)  Gratitude
7)  Compassion
8)  Generosity

In breath and love,

Put those dance shoes away! Don’t you know you aren’t 18 anymore?!

On a recent afternoon following a particularly challenging day at work, a young, disgruntled woman sat in her car desperate to find somewhere she could channel her energy and let go of the previous eight hours in the way she most craved—she wanted to dance, and she wanted to dance NOW. Even though she had embarked on an identical search just a month before, she still held the slightest hope that a new development could have popped up since she last took to Google. Alas, nada. It was Berkley or bust, and unless a Delorean were to materialize and whisk her off southbound at 88 mph, it wasn’t going to happen. Yet again, she was left stunned that such a void existed in the North Bay dance community; that dance classes offered to experienced, passionate dancers above high school age just didn’t seem to exist. She asked her dashboard, the road, the sky above—anything in audible range, “How is this possible, and how can this change?!” Siri, per usual, couldn’t give her a satisfying response either.

That woman, who at that very moment could picture just a few more particles of dust gathering onto her stack of leotards at home, was Amanda Barragán. Having been given the opportunity for the last year teaching a casual Contemporary dance class at Tone to have met several dancers in the same rut, she knew it was time to shake up some serious OJ and offer a class that is so greatly in need: Contemporary Dance for Experienced Adults – aka Contemporary Dance Master Class.

CDMC is a full 90 minute class, structured traditionally. Class will begin with a general warm-up to be followed by technique, strengthening, a good long stretch, across-the-floor movement, and finally, the combination (Woohoo!!).  The vast possibilities of “Contemporary” dance will be explored, discovering its roots from several dance genres including Modern and Jazz. This is a class offered for all levels and capabilities, however previous dance experience is highly encouraged, as the pace of the class will move fairly quick compared to that of a beginning level.

If you’re a dancer that hasn’t yet found the opportunity to nurture your visceral need to create and emote through movement, this class is your chance! Once a dancer, always a dancer, no matter our age. Let’s feed our artistic spirits, succumb to the music and just have fun!

Join Amanda Barragán on the First Tuesday of every month from 7:30 to 9pm for her Contemporary Dance Master Class.  Also, join Heather Visser on the First Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 8pm for her Jazz Dance Master Class.

What is HIIT?


(cue Tower of Power music)

Wait!  Not, what is hip?  What is HIIT?  High Intensity Interval Training.  As our team took a look at this form of exercise, we decided it is an awesome way to get your cardio workout in.  So we are taking HIIT and wrapping it in Pilates to equal (drum roll please) HIITone.  We have switched our Cardio Toning classes to this new format – not a huge shift from what we were teaching but enough to fill you in on the details.

HIITone is a high intensity interval training class that incorporates the safety, form and functional benefits of Pilates. You will be guided thru a series of high intensity bursts (20 to 45 seconds) followed by rest (10 to 15 seconds). This trains your body to recover quickly from exertion. This type of workout promotes a high calorie burn not only during the workout but also for the rest of the day. While exercises will be presented at high intensity, modifications for less impact and intensity will be given. The class will end with 10 to 20 minutes of Pilates and stretching. How do you know if you are ready for this class? Sculpt and Tone is a great preparation class – helping you learn proper squat form, developing the core strength to stay in safe spine positioning and learning how to handle hand weights. Shoes are required for this class.

Wanna give it a try?  Here are the times it is offered:

What do you think?  Wanna give it a try?  Lots of options here at Tone.  See you soon!

March Class Changes


March Class Changes

  • MONDAYS – We have added a 8:10am Sculpt and Tone class with Clare.  Yay!
  • TUESDAYS – We have added a 12:10pm Pilates Mat – All Levels with Jenn.  Yay!
  • THURSDAYS – Monica is now teaching the 4:10pm Breath Centered Yoga class and Megan is teaching the 5:10pm Pilates Mat – All Levels.
  • FRIDAYS – Jennifer’s 12:10pm class is now an “All Level” class.  Don’t worry Advanced Class fans – she will still be cuing to work you out!
  • SATURDAYS – The Beginning Equipment Group has moved to 10:05am.  Yay!

And that’s it folks!  See you in the studio soon!


Calorie Burn, Cardio, Strength Training and Fun!


  • Increase your Calorie Burn
  • Increase your Cardio Capacity
  • Increase your Strength Training
  • Increase your Fun Factor–comraderie and music

The concept for our Pilates Equipment Circuit was born out of the brilliance and passion of your Pilates Equipment teachers and dedicated Pilates Equipment devotees.  Ideas like these start with “What if…”  and bright eyes, spurts of “crazy ideas”, the flying frenzy and messiness of creativity.  So here it is:  It will be a 10 minute group warm up which will include your focus of the day and an overview of how the exercises work.    40 awesome minutes of moving on different pieces of equipment for 4 minutes at a time and then…HOT 30 seconds of cardio busting fun…then resume after that flash to 4 minutes at each station…repeat…spin.    I’m breathing hard and laughing already!  Music will be a huge part of the motivation.  As we wind down, there will be a 5 minute cooldown, feedback, stretchy part before we send  you out the door invigorated and happy to be alive…AND that is it in a Nutshell!  Try it…have fun…sign up…

For more information click here

To register click here

April Class Updates!

We’ve got exciting changes on board for April.  More cardio options with Cardio Toning and Equipment Circuit Groups.  More nutrition options with Fit Club, Purification and Spice Class.  More Yoga/Ayurveda with a weekly Ayurveda chat.  Here’s the list:


NEW  11:10 – 12:00pm Cardio Toning with Loni

5:05pm Equipment Group is now an Equipment Circuit class


CANCELLED 6:45am Sculpt and Tone

NEW 1:05 – 2:00pm Springboard and Small Equipment with Kathy.  Separate pricing.

4:10pm Tween Pilates is now Teen Pilates – open for ages 11 to 17 and will be an ongoing class.  This class will be taught by Enrica

5:10pm Bodeci Workout is now called DEVbody.  Same great workout!

5:10pm Pilates Mat – Level 1&2 AND 6:10pm Sculpt & Tone is now taught by Enrica

NEW 6:10pm Ayurveda Chat with Deacon

6:05pm Equipment Group is now taught by Clare


10:10am Pilates Mat Class – Level 2 & 3 is now a Gliders and Small Ball Class

6:10pm Pilates Mat Class – Level 1&2 is now a Barre Toning Class


CANCELLED 6:45am Sculpt and Tone

4:10pm Tween Pilates on Thursday’s last class is April 3.  The Tuesday class will continue.

5:10pm Bodeci Workout is now called DEVbody.  Same great workout!


5:10pm Pilates Mat Class – Level 1 & 2 is being taught by Fernanda

NEW 5:05pm Equipment Circuit Class with Enrica


8:10 – 9:00am Easy Flow Yoga – we are currently interviewing potential teachers.  Decision soon!

9:05am Equipment Group is now an Equipment Circuit class

The March Schedule is out!

We have our March schedule out.  We actually got it out early – on February 28th – which is quite impressive (and maybe a first).  We’re excited about the offerings and already looking to April to add more.  This big, light space is inspiring!  Let’s fill it up.  :)

Early Morning Yoga – we’ve added Heidi on Mondays and Clare on Fridays.  6:45 to 8:00am.  Don’t worry if you have to leave early for work.  That’s fine.  So, now you can come to yoga Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays AND Fridays.  Heidi and Clare wrote their description for their classes.  I would invite you to take a look.  They are very sweet.  Oh!  Come on Monday and/or Friday the first 2 weeks in March for the chance to win the book “Heart of Yoga”.

PreNatal Yoga + Pilates – we now have 2 available times for this – Mondays at 4:00 with Jenn and Wednesday evenings with Loni at 6:10pm.  The Wednesday night class has been shortened to end at 7:00pm.  We hope this works for everyone.  Both Jenn and Loni are very excited to work with our PreNatal folks.  Please help spread the word about these classes.  I know there are not very many PreNatal movement offerings in Sonoma County AND the work is so important, functional and healthy.

Tween Pilates – We are excited to offer this class.  It will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:10 to 5:00pm for 4 weeks – with a break the week of March 17th for Spring Break.  This class came forth because of a suggestion from a client.  She offered concern for her growing daughter to continue to exercise during the off season of her sport and seeing her slouching.  Another client was concerned that her daughter, while athletic, was not very flexible.  I watch my kids hunched over their cell phones and wonder.  So, in this class, they’ll play with posture, alignment, flexibility and stability.  $10 drop in.  We set it up for 11 and 12 year olds but if your kid is interested and not in that age range, please do not hesitate to contact me and we’ll talk about if it is appropriate for him or her.  Who knows?  You might get a class set up for YOUR kid!

New Saturday Line-up – Clare is teaching an 8:10 Sculpt and Tone class.  She’ll bring a zip to your step and a smile to your face while giving you the strong, awesome workout that you are looking for.  We hope you can join her.  Fernanda is teaching the Mat 1&2 class and Clare is teaching the Intro/Level 1 class – both at 9:10am.  Awesome!

There’s some teacher changes and equipment group switches.  Come by and grab a schedule and our online schedule is always up to date.

Keep the class ideas coming.  We love to hear your suggestions and know that we are always working on new and exciting offerings.  See you soon!




February Class Schedule Changes

We begin with sending our best wishes to our lovely teacher Sonya McVay for a healthy, happy, safe, easy birth of her third child.  Wow!  Send her great wishes and we’ll keep you updated on her status.  In her absence, we have Brittany Schmitt covering her Tuesday evening 5:10 Pilates Mat class and her Tuesday evening 6:10pm Sculpt and Tone class.  Cari and Fernanda are going to cover her Friday 5:10 Pilates Mat class.  Maggie Brickner will be covering her 6:05pm Level 2&3 Equipment Group.  Awesome teachers all around!

We are very excited to welcome Deacon Carpenter to our Yoga staff at Tone!  He will begin his teaching journey by taking over the Tuesday Evening 7:10pm Gentle Yoga class.  Deacon is an Ayurvedic practitioner and has been studying yoga with Monica Anderson for 2 years.  His sweet melding of Ayurveda and Yoga brings depth and inspiration to his yoga class.   We hope you will join him Tuesday evenings.

Sonya Monk’s 11:05am equipment group is now a Level 1 & 2.  If you haven’t tried our equipment groups and have taken 10 Pilates Mat class, we would highly recommend it.  The Pilates equipment adds another dimension to your Pilates workout.  Come talk to the front desk or email us for options that will work for you!

We are so excited to be in our new, amazing space on Ross Street.  Look out for March where the ideas that have bubbled up in the potential of this space come to reality!

Click here for a printable February schedule.

Click here for the online version.