Why should I participate in a Purification Program?

Why should I participate in a Purification Program? This is a question I am often asked. First of all, let me clarify what a Purification Program is and more importantly, what it is not. It is not a fad diet, or a fast. It is not strictly a cleanse diet but rather a structured program that combines whole food eating with supplements, nutritious supplement shakes, and light exercise. The menu includes an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as select grains and proteins. This program supports the body’s ability to remove naturally occurring toxins. In addition to promoting a state that allows for toxin release, it is laying down a solid foundation for healthier eating. By participating in this program you will learn about making healthier food choices, as well as get tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy diet during the program, and most importantly, beyond. During the twenty-one days you will pick up life-changing habits.

How can you expect to feel during the program? To be honest, the first few days can be challenging, especially if you are addicted to caffeine or sugar. It takes a few days not only for your body to adjust to the new way of eating, but also to orient yourself around the new diet and routine. But let me tell you, the payoff is so worth it! By day three or four you will start to feel more energetic, clear headed, and lighter. Most people experience better, more restful sleep and any hormone imbalance symptoms such as hot flashes and irritability are improved. This is a life-changing program; here are some things past participants had to say…

“I felt amazing while on the Purification Program, my body felt nurtured and my mind felt clear. It was such a natural process to change the way I was eating, and soon my body craved nothing but wholesome and healthy foods. It changed the way I think about food. I am so much more conscious about what I am putting into my body. I find myself at the Farmer’s Market more often, and I spend more enjoyable time in the kitchen. The Purification Program was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful.”

“It’s been 3 weeks since the end of the purification cleanse and my energy is steady and strong. I’m still eating much like I did during the cleanse, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, measured grains, regular protein and no caffeine, sugar or wheat. I added in dairy and feel fine. I was hoping that the pounds I lost during the cleanse wouldn’t jump back to my waist and thighs, and they haven’t!”

“I have struggled with weight loss many years. I have exercised till the cows come home and what I discovered is it’s what I was eating that has been the problem! Doing the Purification process I lost 6 pounds but it’s not the weight, it’s the inches that is most important. I lost an inch around the waist and thighs! My clothes are baggy! I feel amazing and I have incredible energy. As a side note, my skin is gorgeous too.”

In these three weeks you could be experiencing similar results, I hope you will join me in this amazing journey.