Heart of Yoga Notes

Okay, it is official, this “Book Club” is actually a deep delving into the concepts of the beautiful book, Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar.  It’s not the completion but the experience and process!  The yogins who came are in for the long hall.  If you were present today–bless you for your clarity and courage to step into this in depth study of yoga.  If you are planning to come, COME!  We are creating a community of “like minded folks” based on this incredible pithy book.

One of the topics was, what is yoga:

“Sustained Joy for Me”

“Breath centered”


“Another path to God and Truth…Another way up the mountain”

“Fidelity to the self”

Juicy Huh?

We wallowed in the quotes from page 6 and 7.  Check them out.

We have homework:

1)  Read the introduction through to page 17.

2)  Come up with a real example for each of the following.

a)  Raga

b)  Dvesa

c)  Abhinivaesa

d)  Asmita

(Sorry, I don’t know how to put in the sanskrit diacritical marks on the words)

Look, we are learning some Sanskrit too.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to experience this book another time.  Wisdom is so amazing.

Heart of Yoga Book Club

I am so excited to read and discuss the Heart of Yoga with everyone!  This will be the upteenth time that I have gone through this loved simply written manuscript.  It uses simple language to describe and discuss depth defying principles of yoga.  Every time I bring out my kindle version or my lovely 10 year old signed copy of Heart of Yoga, a child-like smile emerges from my soul with the anticipation of jumping into a luscious “new” book–the principles presented are always revealing new and appropriate gems to incorporate in my life.

Join me in this beloved Friday afternoon indulgence.  We will discover together how yoga is for us all, in such a personal and intimate way.  ~Monica

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