February Class Changes


Ahhhh February.  The month of the love holiday.  Well, we hope you love the additions that we have made to our class schedule this month.

YOGA – We have added a 4:10 Tuesday with Enrica and 4:10 Thursday with Katherine – Breath Centered Yoga classes.  This is a Raksana practice as described by the Krishnamacharya lineage. Raksana means householders – folks who hold jobs, have families to care for, bills to pay.  This yoga is suited for mature practitioners–breath-centered asana, pranayama, meditative practice. This is a work in rather than a work out. A lovely addition your day. Experience is not a prerequisite. An open mind and open heart are.

EQUIPMENT GROUPS – We have added a Wednesday 12:05pm equipment group with Amanda on Wednesdays.  Amanda brings to her Pilates a sense of grace and depth of study that we know you will love.  If you are interested in trying equipment groups for the first time, we have a Beginning Equipment Group on Saturdays at 9:05am that is a fantastic place to start.  Only $23.  We hope your curiosity about the equipment gets the best of you and you give it a try.

SPECIAL YOGA EVENTS – This weekend we are honored to have Monica’s Ayurvedist – Eleni Tsikrikas as well as Monica’s Teacher – Robert Birnberg skyping in to Tone on subjects they love – Ayurveda and the Power of Bhavana.

Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, is the planet’s oldest nature based self care system. Ayurveda provides a language and way of looking at the world that is poetic. It recognizes and respects that each individual is born with a unique physical, mental, emotional and spiritual constitution (prakruti). Rather than treating symptoms, Ayurveda seeks to identify an individuals constitution and treat their imbalances through food, herbs and lifestyle.

Meditation and Visualization (bhavana) are essential Yogic tools for focusing the mind, clarifying values, promoting optimism, and manifesting our hearts desires. Meditation requires a mind which can choose to focus on something we value and sustain attention over time. Bhavana, as mentioned in Patanjali’s Yoga  Sutras,  is an invaluable life-skill that provides the template from which our futures will invariably emerge.

We hope you can join us for one or both of these special events.

FIRST FRIDAY USUALS – And as usual, we have our First Friday events coming up this Friday.  Beginning Zumba at 5:10pm with Monica.  A wonderful way to step into (pun intended) starting Zumba.  Monica breaks it down with amazing spirit, joy and fab tunes.  Then stay for Feel the Vibe Yoga at 6:10pm with Jenn and Brian.  Jenn leads the asana.  Brian brings his DJ turntable and lays down the tracks.  And to celebrate the soon to be released Pliny the Younger, please come enjoy a sample of Pliny the Elder after the 5:10 and 6:10 classes on Friday.  Sharing the love.

Fun in February!  See you soon.

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