February Class Schedule Changes

We begin with sending our best wishes to our lovely teacher Sonya McVay for a healthy, happy, safe, easy birth of her third child.  Wow!  Send her great wishes and we’ll keep you updated on her status.  In her absence, we have Brittany Schmitt covering her Tuesday evening 5:10 Pilates Mat class and her Tuesday evening 6:10pm Sculpt and Tone class.  Cari and Fernanda are going to cover her Friday 5:10 Pilates Mat class.  Maggie Brickner will be covering her 6:05pm Level 2&3 Equipment Group.  Awesome teachers all around!

We are very excited to welcome Deacon Carpenter to our Yoga staff at Tone!  He will begin his teaching journey by taking over the Tuesday Evening 7:10pm Gentle Yoga class.  Deacon is an Ayurvedic practitioner and has been studying yoga with Monica Anderson for 2 years.  His sweet melding of Ayurveda and Yoga brings depth and inspiration to his yoga class.   We hope you will join him Tuesday evenings.

Sonya Monk’s 11:05am equipment group is now a Level 1 & 2.  If you haven’t tried our equipment groups and have taken 10 Pilates Mat class, we would highly recommend it.  The Pilates equipment adds another dimension to your Pilates workout.  Come talk to the front desk or email us for options that will work for you!

We are so excited to be in our new, amazing space on Ross Street.  Look out for March where the ideas that have bubbled up in the potential of this space come to reality!

Click here for a printable February schedule.

Click here for the online version.

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