First SessionWhat do I wear? Wear clothes that you can move in like yoga or sweat pants and a T-shirt or tank top. You don’t have to worry about special shoes because we do Pilates in our bare feet. If you prefer not to have bare feet, please bring non-slip socks. (We have non-slip toe socks for sale).

Do I need to fill out paperwork? When you booked your Introductory session, you might have been given paperwork to fill out and bring back with you. Otherwise, please come 15 minutes to your first appointment to allow time for paperwork and a quick tour of the facility.

What can I expect in my first session? Your teacher will go over the paperwork you filled out and discuss any of your current body issues. You will be introduced to the Pilates equipment and told the mechanisms of that particular piece. The teacher will have you work thru fundamental Pilates techniques and will explain the basic terms. This way if you choose to go into a class you will have the basic understanding necessary to follow the teachers cuing. After this, the instuctor will work out a plan with you on how to progress on your wellness path.