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Star date June 3rd 2015

Feeling great!  After being a bit buggy and now having my digestive system working again is such a gift!  (Or “present”) Phew!  Can you hear all of the exhales of relief?  It has been an interesting week not because of physical causes but by the mental and emotional ones that effect my physical being.  So the first 2 entries in my body hacking journey were about causes of concern from within my physical body.  The physical congestion and ailments of this past week were caused by outside sources—something beyond my control.  The “beyond my control” are circumstances AND how I DEAL with them in terms of “worry” and “disgust” and “distaste” and “survival” and “disappointment” is what I CAN control.  My physical sensations when I experience these subjective feelings bring on insomnia, anxiety, stomach growling, indigestion, general malaise.  So what did I do? The first thing I did was ruminate—wrong!  This caused me more suffering.  My mind started coming up with made up scenarios of what if and sinister plots that are highly illegal.  Stop!  I started to slap myself with gratitudes—recalling all the reasons I love my life.  I have the most wonderful family.  I have my health—I dance, I walk, I choreograph, I practice my breath centered personalized asana.  I have the world’s best bestie.  I have the most brilliant biz partner.  I have a faith.  I love teaching and I get to do it daily.  I love learning and masticating and innovating how to disperse understanding.   I read and attend workshops I want.  I have a yoga teacher/coach.  I live in the most wonderful place in the world.  I help folks everyday to find their health path.  I have the most incredible community that I founded 15 years ago and help to sustain daily…the gratitudes go on and on. :)   I realized after this exercise that the human mind can be exposed to one frickin nasty and dismisses all of the wonderful “gratefuls”, when one ruminates.  I took action after that exercise.   I went to playing word games to relax (highly addictive!), talked with my support (my biz partner, my husband, my daughter, my friend), called my yoga teacher and went to my mat to breathe and practice.  With taking action (tapas, for you yogis), my physical symptoms started to fade and I was able to smile and make plans for clear action.  Feeling great!  These wonderful feelings are contagious—it’s biology.  I am feeling the oxytocin!  (More hormone explanation next entry—”hormones  run the world”) 


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