January Reflections

The first month of the new decade is already almost over. So many experiences, as I look over
my shoulder. Past experiences are dissipating and reforming into my memories. Practicing
forgiveness is painting my memories with gratitude. I look back and I am grateful. If it had not
been for what was recently experienced, I would not be standing and looking around in our new
warm healthy friendly environment in the Rincon Valley.

The gratefuls of the past are paving the way of my lovable future that I am experiencing in the
present moment. Whoa!

I am grateful for the Tone chapter defined by the downtown address known as 545. So many
wonderful beings coming and going. We experienced the wholeness of what it is to be
human—births, deaths, joy, sorrow, disappointments, belly laughing, tears of fears, tears of
joy…So much community shared. So many important moments in those 6 years of Tone’s third

This chapter helped me clarify what I want to build my future upon—the values I am learning
about in my yoga studies and practice.

I am learning being mindful is so important. It creates an efficiency and flow. Creating beautiful
spaces is important for higher functioning. Healthy relationships are so important. When I
practice visualizing what I really want, opportunities come. Practicing with kindness and not just
politeness, reveals another level of opportunities for others to grow as well.

With this new mindfulness, my “teaching” and relationship building becomes deeper. I realize
this is not for everyone. I am relating to those who are willing to explore new in-depth
experiences with me—no judgment. My personal growth means new relationships—not
necessarily new folks but new ways of relating. I am excited for everyone with whom I had
worked with in the past—thank you. Your new experiences with ask you to clarify your values.
I am excited for those who are coming with us. I’m over the moon exuberant for what the future
holds for us as we launch into another chapter. Bless us all in our new adventures to
wholeness and discovering the wide wonderful universe of the creative consciousness.

Out of the murkiest and darkest waters of life are born the most beautiful pristine lotuses.


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