My Health Journey – part 2


May 20, 2015

I’ve been consistent!  I diligently take my little blue pill every night before I go to bed.  Thus far, I have had no traceable side effects…done and done.  

This past week I got hit with a “pedi” bug.  Wednesday morning at 6 AM I staggered to the bathroom and lost it…going back a couple days I had a “Lola” day.  Mondays are my days to be “Lola”.  “Lola” is gramma to 2 wonderful young young men.  One young man is 4.5 years old and the other  is 18 months.  Every Monday morning for the past 4.5 years, I sleep in to  7 am, dress in comfees and walking shoes, take off all jewelry,  take my recharged iphone, traveling cup of chai with ghee and take a drive east to Napa.  I say my mantras from my home to highway 12 then push play on my iphone to listen to a lecture, a book on tape, or a podcast for the 1 hour drive to a little house on Spring street to focus all, I mean all, of my attention to these 2 young men.  

This past Monday was no different.  When I got to Napa I was greeted with a sweet smile by a naked bathing 18 month old making sounds and splashing and laughing.  The older young man was already at pre-school.  I look forward to his returning later in the day–Mondays he practices Yoga with Mr. Trout.  This morning as she was getting ready to take advantage of her 6 hours unencumbered by smaller beings, THE mom mentioned that yesterday the younger had “thrown up once” and readily took a 3 hour nap, no fever.  He was all smiles yesterday and this morning.

We had a great 6 hours together reading books over and over again, talking about birds in the sky, singing his name, eating blackberries I had brought to just pop for snacks.  After about 2 1/2 hours of just talking about everything, chasing, eating, laughing, singing, reading, this baby’s sweet face looked into mine and his arms went up and I  instantaneously was right there.    He melted into my embrace and closed his eyes.  I got his blankee and wrapped him up and put him in his reclining stroller and off we went for 2 hours walking new routes in downtown Napa.  He slept the entire way.

When I came back he was still asleep so I melded his small warm body into mine until Mom returned from her errands… All was well until I woke up the next morning.  Stomach cramps and my body pushes “eject”.

Fortunately, after an hour or so, I sipped ginger tea and in a slightly weakened state attended the Maria Carrillo’s Economic Summit as a volunteer for the entire day–good thing I got to sit–no appetite and surging stomach cramps all day.  I made it.

Each consecutive day, “not as bad”.  Today is Sunday and I’m eating normally and breathing a sigh of gratitude of what a healthy day feels like.   I can’t help but think how that little man must have felt when he was going through the stomach cramps.  I guess that is why he just checked out for a 3 hour nap each day.  I wish I could have slept the past couple days when I felt like it.  

Today I’m just breathing fully, eating tentatively, exercising gingerly, and being in the healing moment and that is all of my bandwidth. I had all kinds of plans to blog about how I’m sure hormones are the motivation for our movement choices but alas, next installment.  Just grateful.

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