My Yoga Teacher is coming to town!

I am so excited! The weekend of September 14/15, my yoga teacher from Southern Cal agreed to come up to teach 2 workshops. Robert has been a student of yoga in the Desikachar/Krishnamacharya lineage over a decade.  He studied with Mr. Desikachar at the KYM in India and is one of a handful of teachers who is certified to teach teachers.  He has written several published yoga articles and his book on Yoga and addiction is set to be published soon.   Robert , his lovely Ayurvedist wife, Eleni, and their sweet dog, Ruby will be our guests in beautiful Sonoma County.  ( Clare, Tone’s Yoga Team Leader,  thinks he looks like Robert Downey Jr.–I think my teacher Robert is smarter and funnier.)   If you are interested in yoga or love yoga, Robert’s first workshop will put yoga in the context of world history–what it originally was and why it is India’s gift to the world.

The second workshop will be Sanskrit 101. Learn to read, chant this language of yoga.  Learn what OM really means!

I am going to be a yoga student for the rest of my life in this lineage.  Come and get a glimpse why.  Yoga is for everyone and provides hope.  You will learn more about yourself and you might even learn to love yoga as much as I do.

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