Have you noticed . . .

Last weekend we hosted my yoga teacher, Robert, and his lovely wife Eleni and their sweet dog, Ruby.  In the preparation for company, I went into my Vata/Pita tendencies of fluff and fufe. The studio had flowers, food, and folks.  Thank you all!  Robert, besides his wisdom, bestowed a framed photo of the founder of our yoga lineage, T Krishnamacharya.  It is a gift to remind us “to teach what your teacher taught you through your experiences as appropriate to the student”.  It is also a reminder that we are a part of a lovely yoga lineage.

The weekend was incredibly thick with info and insights. You probably noticed that we have lovely new flowers in the planters.  Then one of our sweet clients, Pat, hacked the large weeds around the building to submission.   Another Tone angel, Tony, brought his tool belt and added lighting to our street display case–solar no mind!  Our sweet Katie, ordered a memorial plaque in remembrance of our Beverly Crownover-Keefe, a dear client who was our official greeter and supporter for over a decade.  Bev passed less than a month ago and will be forever remembered with fondness.  The plaque now lives on the end of Reformer North.

Have you also noticed our incredible front desk staff stepping up and greeting you with warmth and sincere intent on assisting you?

Have you noticed our teachers being incredibly creative and brilliant?

“Have you noticed”  how wonderful Tone is!


Krishnamacharya   Bev C-K

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