Our offer to help in moving forward

As the fires broke out in early October, I was sitting in Salem Oregon enjoying a late night visit to the library with my oldest daughter at her college. She and my younger daughter at home in Santa Rosa are so connected to social media that we became aware of the concern and devastation as it was developing. I was so proud of my business partner Monica and her husband Bob as they opened up Tone, that night and for the next week, as a non-official evacuation center. They hosted my husband and daughter along with many other scared folks and their pets that first night – continuing to keep it open the rest of the week.

Tone was closed for business for a few days as our teachers and clients were scattered. As soon as we were able, we opened up a limited schedule and folks seemed so grateful to resume some movement and normalcy. By the following Monday, we were open for our full schedule. Gratefully, none of our staff lost their homes but many of our clients did.   Tone, like so many other local businesses, took a heavy financial hit and there are no grants for loss of income to businesses – only loans. And business insurance only covers physical loss. So we did what we love to do. We dove back into our business – offering events and options for folks to come breathe and move. Tone, along with a donation from a dear client, are giving classes to folks in our community who have lost their homes and folks are taking us up on our offer. It is a blessing for us to help.

Time continues to tick and every day still brings a connection to the fire – a remembrance of a lost recipe, finding new routes to familiar spots, spontaneous tears as we come across places we haven’t dared to go. Folks have said this is a marathon. And marathons take training. We know a little bit about that. 😉 Please come and take care of yourself so that you can move forward in strength.

If you know of anyone who would enjoy classes at Tone who lost their home in the fire, please have them contact us or if you send me their name, I’d be happy to reach out to them. We would love to offer them time here at Tone. To move. To breathe. To heal.

My best,



  1. Brittney Bailey

    Hello, my father and I both lost our home on Mark West Springs Road. I am very interested in attending classes with you. My father currently attends hot Pilates classes downtown at the Bikram studio, but I cannot tolerate the heat. ☺️ Please let me know how I might go about signing up for classes. Is there a monthly membership?

    • alyson (Author)

      Hi Brittney. Thank you for reaching out to us. Please come by the studio and we will get you set up with complimentary classes. We’d love to have you in the studio.

  2. Hope

    My boyfriend and I lost our house in the fires, and just weeks later, I was laid off from my job. I am interested in taking pilates and/or qigong classes with you to help my mind and body heal. Please let me know how to sign up and if you’re still offering a discount to those impacted by the fires.
    Many thanks,

    • alyson (Author)

      Good afternoon Hope. Yes we still are offering free classes to those impacted by the fires. Please come by the studio at 545 Ross Street and we will get you all set up. I’ll let the front desk know that you will be coming by soon. Looking forward to having you in the studio. We hope it helps you heal. My best, Alyson

  3. Karen Olsen

    How lovely! I sent a link to this page to my co-worker who, since losing her Fountaingrove condo, has been promoted to a management position at a busy cancer treatment clinic. Talk about piling on the stress! I don’t know if she’s ever tried Pilates, but I think she’d love it!

    • alyson (Author)

      Thank you Karen. We’d love to have her at Tone!

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