Osteoporosis and Movement


Just back from a brief presentation on Osteoporosis and Movement at the Rancho Cotati Rotary lunch group.  What an amazing eye-opening wonderment to briefly get a glimpse of a business cultural phenomena—a group of business owners whose weekly meetings are based on relationship, community enhancement, and rituals.  All the individuals in that room were positive, different sizes, different shapes and excited to learn more about their bodies.

Osteoporosis facts include 1 in 2 women over age 50 will break a bone because of osteoporosis.  1 in 4 men over the age 50 will break a bone because of osteoporosis.  25% of those who break a hip die within a year.  These are statistics are sobering.  Then to make matters  more severe, we do not even know if we have “porous bone” (definition of osteoporosis) also know as the silent disease.  It usually happens without us even knowing it!

The name of the game is FRACTURE PREVENTION.  After presenting facts and causes, we talked about some easy take home daily activities to incorporate in our life to prevent fractures.  Here are a few “easies”
1)  improve static balance (brush your teeth standing on one foot)—work up to 3 minutes
2)  move (how about drinking a cup of water every hour so you have to get out of your chair to pee!)
3)  improve your posture

We had a great time coming up with “aha” moments…breathing and moving. An “aha” moment for me was that everyone can benefit from what Tone and its beloved community practice everyday within our walls and beyond.  To care for our beings so we can do the community work, run our businesses, do good works, do great play, takes a mindful effort with such benefits for longevity and quality of life.

Sitting in the parking lot outside of Tone recapping with Alyson about our short couple hours with our new friends–bathing in the sun of gratitude that our business is based on health and awareness,  tears welled in both of our eyes.

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