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The human being—amazing and beyond my ability to reason and my simple logic.  Awe and wonder.  I’m here prepping for this incredible 16 hours of working with the concept of the human body in motion with fresh inquiring “teacher minds”—future teachers of movement, Pilates, Yoga, Physical Training, Dancers…and curious folks inhabiting one of these amazing ever morphing vessels. I cannot help when  “studying”, I become  emotional with the opportunity I have been blessed experiencing human bodies in motion with all my lovely clients for over 20 years. More than all the body geek courses and workshops I take, my movement clients have become my teachers extraordinaire.  

I must admit that there has been a recent workshop that I took in January that has rocked and catapulted my perceptions and past body geek experiences to another dimension. This amazing intense 5 day experience was with frozen cadavers. I am forever grateful to Todd Garcia of Laboratory of Anatomical Enlightenment and Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains.  This spiritual experience has left me the indelible visceral memories of gingerly holding human hearts and lungs, running my latex glove over the dura of the human brain, delicately embracing the uterus and ovaries one of my incredible “teachers” (my “teacher” was a tiny scoliotic  woman we respectfully named Bella).    

I have chosen to invest my limited experiences on this earth delving deeper into the human form with love, respect, awe and wonder.  With the simultaneous ongoing study of my yoga lineage, with one teacher, addressing how to manifest joy on earth for myself and others,  how will all this messy exuberance culminate this weekend in my teaching?  It is not just a crap shoot.   I am visualizing all participants in 3D Anatomy, with their smiling faces, fearless bright eyes, open hearts molding clay in their hands, sharing personal perceptions with their voices,  creating new synapses in their brains and creating new ways of thinking of human movement that will  manifest in the compassionate and innovative ways of relating to their movement students.  The result will be spreading the word of efficient, smooth, flowing movement that enhances well being and health.  The result will create a healthy new approach to respecting and loving ourselves and others.  They will discover in their own journey, the continuum of the human experience.  I am blessed and grateful for all the teachers along the way and the encouragement of all who will listen to my messy processing of my experiences in movement and life.  Let the party begin! 


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