More 4pm Classes in October!


Class Changes for October 2014 

We are very excited to have Enrica Poore adding more hours in the week and evenings to enrich our already amazing Pilates and Yoga team. Enrica has spent much of the last 25 years learning how to live better through fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. Her passion for learning is rivaled only by a deep desire to teach others. Working in both group and individual settings, Enrica cherishes the opportunity to guide others in their pursuit of healthful body/mind living. We hope you can join her classes or book a private session with her.

BY POPULAR DEMAND, we have added a whole slew of 4:00pm class options as well as equipment groups offered at 5pm and 6pm every night. Check out the new digs!


  • Enrica is now teaching the 8:10am Pilates Mat Level 2, the 9:10am Pilates Mat Level 1 & 2 as well as the Sculpt and Tone at 10:10am. She also has an 11am slot available for a Private Pilates or Yoga session.
  • We are excited to have Brittany Schmitt join us on Monday evenings. She is available for a Private Pilates session at 4pm, teaches a Level 1 & 2 Equipment Group at 5pm and is available again for a Private Pilates session at 5pm
  • Jenn’s PreNatal Yoga has switched to a 4:10pm Sculpt and Tone.


  • Kathy has switched her 10:10am Adult Beginning Ballet to be on Tuesdays so that you could stay after and enjoy Loni’s Ball class if you like.


  • Enrica is now teaching a 4:00pm Hatha Flow Yoga in the big classroom, while Brittany teaches a 4:10pm Sculpt and Tone in the open classroom.
  • Enrica is now teaching a 6:00pm Level 1 & 2 Equipment Group and is available for a Private Pilates or Yoga session at 5pm.


  • You can find Kathy’s 10:10 Retro Cardio on Thursdays now. Calling all Baby Boomers!  Come sing along (you know the words) and shake your bootie to get a fun cardio workout.  Using weights, bands and balls to improve cardio, strength, balance and mobility.
  • Jenn is starting up an 11:10am Pilates Mat Class – Level 2 & 3.
  • Enrica is starting up a 4:10pm Sculpt and Tone and a 5:05pm Level 1 & 2 Equipment Group, leaving room at 6pm for a Private Pilates or Yoga session

FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS remain the same for now. We hope you enjoy all the new offerings and keep the suggestions coming!

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