Put those dance shoes away! Don’t you know you aren’t 18 anymore?!

On a recent afternoon following a particularly challenging day at work, a young, disgruntled woman sat in her car desperate to find somewhere she could channel her energy and let go of the previous eight hours in the way she most craved—she wanted to dance, and she wanted to dance NOW. Even though she had embarked on an identical search just a month before, she still held the slightest hope that a new development could have popped up since she last took to Google. Alas, nada. It was Berkley or bust, and unless a Delorean were to materialize and whisk her off southbound at 88 mph, it wasn’t going to happen. Yet again, she was left stunned that such a void existed in the North Bay dance community; that dance classes offered to experienced, passionate dancers above high school age just didn’t seem to exist. She asked her dashboard, the road, the sky above—anything in audible range, “How is this possible, and how can this change?!” Siri, per usual, couldn’t give her a satisfying response either.

That woman, who at that very moment could picture just a few more particles of dust gathering onto her stack of leotards at home, was Amanda Barragán. Having been given the opportunity for the last year teaching a casual Contemporary dance class at Tone to have met several dancers in the same rut, she knew it was time to shake up some serious OJ and offer a class that is so greatly in need: Contemporary Dance for Experienced Adults – aka Contemporary Dance Master Class.

CDMC is a full 90 minute class, structured traditionally. Class will begin with a general warm-up to be followed by technique, strengthening, a good long stretch, across-the-floor movement, and finally, the combination (Woohoo!!).  The vast possibilities of “Contemporary” dance will be explored, discovering its roots from several dance genres including Modern and Jazz. This is a class offered for all levels and capabilities, however previous dance experience is highly encouraged, as the pace of the class will move fairly quick compared to that of a beginning level.

If you’re a dancer that hasn’t yet found the opportunity to nurture your visceral need to create and emote through movement, this class is your chance! Once a dancer, always a dancer, no matter our age. Let’s feed our artistic spirits, succumb to the music and just have fun!

Join Amanda Barragán on the First Tuesday of every month from 7:30 to 9pm for her Contemporary Dance Master Class.  Also, join Heather Visser on the First Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 8pm for her Jazz Dance Master Class.

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