Thank you for shopping local at our studio!  We bring in unique items that meet our guidelines for fair trade and eco friendly.  Here are some highlights.  Please come by the studio to see our full selection.



When you are in business for 16 years, you have the opportunity to make longterm lovely relationships with some amazing folks.  Longtime client Roseann on her visit to West Africa, found this amazing company Ashanti and has brought us the opportunity to carry it at Tone. We loved the story and the product so we decided to bring it to you.  Here is a quote from Ashanti’s website:

“By tapping in to the honed skills and traditions of rural artisans from Madagascar, Malawi, Kenya and Mauritius, we are able to stock our shelves with a range of products that capture the distinct and vibrant aesthetic of the African sub-continent.  Each item in our range of textiles, baskets, home-ware and accessories is handcrafted using local, responsibly sourced materials and techniques culturally unique to each region.”

Makulu Jumbo Bag – $143.50

Clutch – $38

Zuzu Banana Bag – $118

Yoga Bag

Yoga Bag – $126


We frequently get asked about the fragrance we have in the bathroom.  Have you seen the glass bottle with the wooden sticks coming out of it?  Those are from Alora and we are proud to be the local distributor for this product.  When you come by the studio, we have samples of all the fragrances that you can spray on a sample card to see what floats your boat.

Reed Diffusers

We have 8 oz and 16 oz reed diffusers with the fragrances of Fico, Isola, Tre, Variglia and Verde
8 oz – $58 16 oz – $80

Agrume Shea Butter Soap

Alora Ambiance triple milled soaps contain 25% shea butter for added moisture and are made with a sustainable vegetable soap base that does NOT include palm oil. We have the fragrances Agrume, Arancia, Bimbi and Verde
Price $14


ToeSox, Tavi Noir and Leg Warmers

We love our latest shipment of ToeSox!  Fun patterns, with toes or without toes, we think you will find a pair for YOU!  The grips on the bottom make it safer to walk around the studio and wearing socks keeps the studio and your feet cleaner.  Win-win.  Come by and check out the selection!  We also have Leg Warmers – oh yay!


Various styles and colors.
Prices range from $14 to $18

Leg Warmers

Heat up your practice and style. ToeSox leg warmers are the hottest way to ready muscles for peak performance.
Coral, Forrest, Plum – $24 per pair

tavi noir

We have Savvy Slipper Grip Socks in Ebony, Lavendar and Stone
$12 per pair