It has many class times and different paced classes. There are several instructors so the body work varies from class to class. It is a nice positive environment to say hi and make new friends. A very caring environment.

Sharon M. 3/15/19 April 26, 2019

The staff is very friendly and helpful, the teachers make an effort to be aware of participants and how they are doing.

Joseph F. 3/20/19 April 26, 2019

I love the staff, the way the classes are taught and everything about Tone.

Paula C. 3/23/19 April 26, 2019

Absolutely I would recommend Tone, and I already have! Tone has an awesome community of movers and shakers and a friendly staff who are so happy to see their students everyday. I love how they have created a safe home for anyone who is looking to learn and move. I also love how Tone is so connected with the Sonoma County community. I feel so humbled to be a part of Tone as a student and part time instructor.

Shayna O. 3/26/19 April 26, 2019

The variety of classes, instructors and times that I can choose from to best fit my changing schedule drew me in. As well, a former Yoga student gave Tone a very positive endorsement.
As a Yoga instructor of 16 years, the focus on breath, alignment, technique and individual modification makes Tone a familiar and welcoming place.
Every Staff member embodies this welcome and professionalism with encouragement and humor and without judgement. Plus, it’s so rewarding to hang with other movement geeks!

Kjohl R. 3/29/19 April 26, 2019

Heather was very attentive to her students and allowed us to try a variety of Pilates equipment, even though we were a beginner class. She was helpful to every individual and answered all questions everyone had. The studio is clean and location is amazing!

Briana M. 4/03/19 April 26, 2019

Love Friday's Gentle Morning Yoga with Clare!!! Starts the weekend off right.

Stephanie H. 4/10/19 April 26, 2019

I appreciate the ambiance and spirit of community you nurture so well with the workshops and classes. I like the depth of knowledge shared by Monica.

Leny S. 4/11/19 April 26, 2019

A real community. The staff, instructors, and members make it fun. Really talented instructors.

Cate S. 4/14/19 April 26, 2019

Lots of classes, good variation of levels, and I like the newer teachers, like Ronny and Eden, who bring knowledge outside of pilates and apply it. Wise folks.

In general, tone kicks ass and I have been recommending it for years. Thank you Monica and Al.

Joelle G. 4/19/19 April 26, 2019

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