I like the variety of classes and choices of days, times and trainers. Tone is a very welcoming and encouraging environment, and I really appreciate the opportunity to meet many wonderful people.

Vikkie B. 1/16/19 March 13, 2019

LOVE the instructors, the variety of classes, the amount of classes offered and the studio is nice, clean, open, lots of new equipment and everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

Jen T. 1/16/19 March 13, 2019

Great instructors, nice clients, clean facility, positive experience all around

Pam Z. 1/13/19 March 13, 2019

Tone is fun, a real community, and effective. Both my wife and I have experience relief from chronic back pain by regularly practicing Pilates at Tone.

Cate S. 1/12/19 March 13, 2019

What don’t I like? Variety of Pilates, yoga, boxing, circuit and dance... the people are amazing and the environment is healthy and happy. It’s where I go to feel healthy happy and strong!

Carol E. 1/10/19 March 13, 2019

I've really enjoyed the relaxed, super friendly, and welcoming environment.
The range of the classes and teachers has also been great, as well as having all the equipment there ready to go!
Awesome vibes all around and I can't wait to do more in the future.
Thanks for a wonderful start to the new year!

Olissa F. 1/5/19 March 13, 2019

Very friendly staff, clean workout space! Overall an awesome place! :)

Emily A. 1/4/2019 March 13, 2019

Beautiful facility, great instructor, friendly greeting at the door.

Pia S. 03/29/2018 July 15, 2018

Always appreciate the social skills of everyone connected to tone..
Always feel welcome, enjoy the classes and the atmosphere.

Toby F. 04/08/2018 July 15, 2018

The instructors are the best. Classes are fun. The vibe is friendly and inviting. The lighting and decor is hip. Everything is clean. Lot's of space. Lots of hugs and laughing too. You guys rock!

Jeannie C. 04/09/2018 July 15, 2018