I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the Zumba instructors! The facility was beautiful, staff was welcoming and helpful. I had a good workout.

Barbara F. 4/21/19 April 26, 2019

I think this business is very clean, professional and friendly. Not to mention how helpful everyone is no matter what level you are working towards.

Jackie S. 4/24/19 April 26, 2019

Love the enthusiasm and knowledge of teachers. They keep learning in order to offer us new techniques.

Sharon M. 3/13/19 March 13, 2019

Great teachers, friendly welcoming atmosphere, good facility, teachers always learning and expanding their own practice, many new offerings. We are fortunate to have Tone!

Shan M. 3/13/19 March 13, 2019

Everyone that works at TONE is professional ,kind and supportive. The members are positive and super friendly. Is the best gym ever. Thank you TONE!

Carmen O. 3/10/19 March 13, 2019

Tone makes me look forward to working out! I get excited to go to the gym, which I never thought was possible!

I have learned so much about my own body in my last year of going to Tone classes. Sculpt and Tone classes are my favorite. The instructors teach you good form which is very important to me as someone with very little fitness background!

I also love that the instructors will give you a basic exercise, then tell you how to advance it (if you want!). It's a great way to challenge yourself, and see yourself grow stronger. A move I couldn't do last week, I might be able to try this week. I have learned so much and am so grateful to the people at Tone!

Anna M. 3/6/19 March 13, 2019

Low key, nice people, can start wherever you are and get better without a competitive element to classes, not snooty

Maureen H. 3/5/19 March 13, 2019

Skillful, thoughtful, well-educated teachers; efficient friendly administrative staff; involved owners; uplifted environment; every-increasing offerings attracting wider clientele.

Martha M. 3/3/19 March 13, 2019

The staff is great - the trainers are great. Friendly atmosphere, responsive, patient.
Thank you!

Jane C. 3/1/19 March 13, 2019

I love how welcoming and helpful everyone is and how many classes there are for my varied schedule. I've been doing the pilates mat and sculpt and tone classes for just about 3 months and I see and feel good differences in my strength, stability, joint comfort, and weight. I am pretty active and was mainly looking for an easy way to stay active in the winter. With all these improvements, I'll be keeping pilates in my fitness routine year round.

Christina N. 2/26/19 March 13, 2019