I like all the different times that are offered for classes, especially evenings. Everyone is so friendly and warm and willing to help with any concerns.

Elaine A. 2/22/19 March 13, 2019

Knowledgeable, supportive, and skilled staff. Clean environment with solid, well cared for equipment.

Susan S. 2/21/19 March 13, 2019

The instructors are awesome. The front desk ladies are always friendly. The owners are personable. Oh, and it’s clean!!!!

Traci E. 2/13/19 March 13, 2019

They focus on what I CAN do, and give great instruction and cues on how to do each movement. The cues are consistent.

Toni B. 2/13/19 March 13, 2019

I appreciate the small equipment classes. They allow the instructor to provide one-on-one modification as needed as well as the ability to individualize the challenge of each exercise on the reformers.

Christina U. 2/12/19 March 13, 2019

I like how I was greeted at the front desk. They were very friendly. I like my trainer very much, the perfect match for me.

Susan M. 2/10/19 March 13, 2019

I've just been once, but so far Monica's knowledge of body mechanics combined with her experience and caring style are just what I need right now!

Pat Elaine L. 2/8/19 March 13, 2019

I went to Tone for the 1st time last weekend to take the “Introduction to Pilates” class. The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging, and friendly. I am really shy and not super comfortable in a group, but I felt at ease and truly enjoyed myself. Thanks so much and see you again soon!

Heather T. 2/6/19 March 13, 2019

I’ve had many gym memberships over the years and have had to discontinue use due to an old back injury. At Tone, the teachers are well-versed in safe exercise and maintenance of aging or injured bodies. This doesn’t mean I get a light, namby pamby workout! We work hard and intelligently, which has kept me physically in shape and ready to handle life’s challenges. A bonus prize is the community of members committed to staying “on top of our game.” We support each other to keep showing up. To summarize: safety, great teaching and community keep me coming to Tone.

Pat M. 2/5/19 March 13, 2019

Everyone is so friendly and encouraging! Unlike other studios, they don't push you to pain but to your level of ability. Every class is still a challenge but fun!

Anna J. 1/26/19 March 13, 2019