Monica Anderson

I had an initial session with Monica. It was my first experience with Pilates. I am now a total convert to this approach–due in large part to the excellent coaching, subtle guidance and intuitive explanations given by Monica. A wonderful experience!  Alex F.

The yummy yoga session with Monica Wednesday continues to resonate. The lightness of being lingers and I keep feeling like I’m forgetting to carry something with me, then laugh and realize that this particular session guided me through a release of loads of unnecessary baggage: physical, mental and spiritual. Breathing, moving, and feeling freer than I can remember, I remain in blessed gratitude! Tricia S.

Monica Anderson started teaching eons ago. Life is movement–movement of ideas, bodies, minds, spirits.  Breath is vital and the subtle thread through it all.

The awe of being human!

Connecting with private clients, group art and movement classes for over 40 plus years, and years of cultivating new teachers has opened a lifetime of observation and inquiry. Breath is profound.  Western and ancient methods of healing are tools. Healing happens naturally when there is a convergence of community, consciousness, relationship, information, respect, joy, hope, and breath.

Degrees in Art, Biology, Education, Special Education

Active Certifications include Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates, Yoga Therapy

Participates in ongoing Yoga Sutra studies  and monthly meetings with my teacher Robert Birnberg at in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya and Desikachar (and currently committed to the pursuit of this study for the unforeseeable future)

The greatest education has been afforded by my family, especially my three incredible children and their partners, physician husband, and now, a new generation–my 2 grandsons AND brilliant business partner, Alyson Dobbert, incredible teachers, friends, and colleagues.

Forever grateful.