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Benefits of Sleep

Simply put, proper rest is essential for well being. In Ayurveda, it is one of the pillars of the three pillars of optimum health and well being. The body uses sleep as an opportunity to heal and repair damage done to the body while we are awake. When considering sleep, the quantity, quality and regularity must be assessed. Too much or too little sleep will, over time, have negative consequences.

Vata types: tend to be light sleepers, who are sensitive to noise. They awake easily often between the hours of 2-4 am and have difficulty falling back to sleep. When they do, it’s usually between 5-6 am and then they tend to over sleep. They wake up tires and use coffee and energy drinks to keep them going throughout the day. Too little sleep upsets vata types mobile light qualities, weakening tissues, aggravating nervous system and lowering immune systems.

Pitta types: tend to be good sleepers, except when they too much on their mind and stay up late working on projects. They feel their most productive or get a second wind late into the evening and early morning. This tendency to stay up late causes them to burn out, become intense and grumpy. When they do get to bed they toss and turn reviewing the things they have not done or need to do. This aggravates their already hot, light mobile qualities.

Kapha types: tend toward too much sleep. They have difficulty waking up and moving. If they didn’t need to get up early, they would sleep in until 9-10 am. Upon waking they feel sluggish and reach for coffee to get going. Excess sleep increases their heavy, static qualities.

Creating routines conducive to sleep:

  • Commit to a bedtime between 10-11 pm.
  • Wake early. Kapha by 6 am, Vata and Pitta by 7 am.
  • Eat dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Ayurveda states the body does internal cleansing during sleep.
  • Disconnect from all electronic media a few hours before bedtime.
  • Switch off the lights and burn some candles for a softer environment.
  • Diffuse essential oils like lavender or chamomile.
  • Drink something warm like chamomile tea or milk with 1/2 teas., of fresh nutmeg and honey.
  • Do Abhyanga oil massage followed by a warm bath. Pay attention to oiling feet/scalp.
  • Jump into bed with a good book.

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